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  • I have been a patient of Dr. Lindsay for over five years. Not only am I extremely satisfied with her as a caring person, but I am impressed with her over knowledge of the practice in general.
  • Wonderful Dr, very caring and thorough. I have been to several dermatologists and he is definitely my favorite. I had to be on a waiting list to get my first appointment , but it was well worth it. I highly recommend Dr Shane Clark !
  • I went to see this doctor at the referral of my primary - who I no longer see due to this very bad experience. I lost confidence and my health was at stake. My experience with Amanda was overwhelmingly negative. I would never trust my health to this so-called doctor again. Nothing she prescribed was of any benefit to me in any way--truthfully said. She and her staff were rude too extreme. I have never seen anything like it before or since. When she found out who my previous doctor was after checking my historical file in the computer records (who happened to be a male doctor who had since happily retired and left that practice), she actually sneered and ridiculed him. I could not believe it. I was very pleased with all that he had done for me and all treatment recommended and performed was very satisfactory. I do not even know (since I asked and was never told) if her young so-called assistant (a young woman of color with a very strange attitude) was really a nurse of any kind. Her response was "You shouldn't feel like you're so special" - whatever that meant. Explain please. Do not bother making an appointment with Johnson County Dermatology. You probably will not be well treated medically or otherwise. BEWARE.
  • Very thorough, concerning and down to earth. Need more doctors like her...
  • Very rude. She rushed my initial appointment. She Used tools on me without advising me of what she was doing or why. She then asked in an aggressive tone why I was startled. She did not respond to Mychart messages until over 48 hours after test results posted in MyChart. ***Gave conflicting directions on taking OTC medicine along with what she prescribed. When I questioned this she had someone else respond to me and then deleted all correspondence from MyChart and blocked me from relying. Ultimately, I had to go in to get a second opinion from another ENT in the same office in order to get a diagnosis and explanation of why certain medicine was prescribed and what was going on with me. In the ten minutes that I was there she dismissed my symptoms and I had to ask for follow-up testing. Please do not waste your time with her! I will be filing a formal complaint with her medical group.
  • Paul Mack is knowledgeable, thorough and communicates extremely well. I highly recommend him.
  • It’s been almost a year since I had hip replacement. I’ve been so disappointed in this surgery. I not only had a broken femur with out having a fall after surgery, it left me needing a one inch lift put on any shoe I wear. I’ve not had a good night sleep since. I’m still in PT two times a week. I no longer live in AL. So disappointed with DR. Johnson was never told of any problems I could have from surgery.