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Volunteering at a Hospital

If you have a passion for helping others and have the gumption and spirit to work around sick people, then you may wish to look into the emotionally rewarding volunteer work that can be done at your local hospital.

What Volunteer Opportunities Exist

The first thing you need to do is contact the hospitals in your area and ask about what types of programs are available for volunteers and if there are any training or specific requirements.

Many hospitals have different types of volunteer programs that may go by the type of work. For instance, at some hospitals there may be opportunities to do some special project like helping at a holiday party for children stuck in the hospital or you could volunteer to read to patients, or help out if the hospital has a daycare center.

Some hospitals may also offer offsite types of volunteer work like making blankets, knit hats, or even dolls or stuffed toys for patients. You could even volunteer to paint a mural on a hospital wall if your talents are in painting or take pictures of newborn babies for new parents if you are a good photographer.

Prior to doing any of this volunteer work, you may first have to complete some hospital requirements for doing any of these great projects.

Volunteer Requirements at Hospitals

Depending on what kind of hospital you are offering to volunteer at, there may be some sort of training, or you could have to be screened for any health problems of your own since they don’t want the patients to catch anything from you or vice versa. Plus, you may have to fill out some paperwork, get interviewed and let the hospital decide if you have any skills they need.

Most hospitals probably have some sort of program so you won’t feel like you don’t know what you are doing. There is likely a formal process in place to welcome new volunteers and get you started in the right direction to meet the needs of the particular hospital you want to volunteer at like a volunteer orientation or other training.

These may include things like hygiene, safety precautions, patient confidentiality rules, what you should wear, or any special training depending on where at the hospital you will work. For instance, if you are going to be reading to patients, you won’t need the same training as someone who is going to be helping teach new mothers to breastfeed or give their baby a bath.

Benefits Volunteering at Hospitals

Volunteering at your local hospital can bring you several benefits. First, you will get the satisfaction and joy of knowing you are helping the people who are sick or injured have a happier day or to learn a new skill or other helpful task.

Besides that, some hospitals may offer volunteers some benefits such as free health screening or annual flu shot, being able to go to an annual volunteer’s recognition dinner, discounts at the hospital gift shop or cafeteria, or other things. Check with the hospital you are working at to see if they do any of these things.

The bottom line is that in most cases you are probably not doing the volunteer work at the hospital in order to get anything except a sense of happiness and satisfaction at helping others. If you are interesting in doing volunteer work at a hospital in your area, you should contact them for more information. Help brighten a patient’s day! Volunteer right now.

Volunteering at a Hospital

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