Finding a Nursing Job at a Hospital

So, you have graduated from your nursing school classes, passed the required testing and licensing process and are now qualified to work as a registered nurse. Congratulations! Now it’s time to get your first nursing job.

When looking for work right after you first become qualified to work as a nurse, you may need to find out if there are any programs open to you such as orientation as a new hospital worker, or if you are limited in any way due to a lack of actual clinical experience, etc.

Outlook for Nursing Jobs at Hospitals

Nursing is a field that is in great demand job-wise with shortages ongoing at not only hospitals, but many other locations that use nurses like doctor’s offices, senior citizen or assisted living centers, clinics, etc. Statistics show that registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are likely one of the most in-demand fields in the healthcare industry.

Potential growth for nursing jobs is excellent, with many new jobs opening every year due to more people reaching senior citizen ages, more people realizing they need to take care of themselves through preventative screening for various illnesses, etc.

What Kind of Nurse Do You Desire to Be?

You just need to know what type of nursing job you desire to apply for, what hospital or clinic, etc and how to go about finding out if there are openings, and if so, applying for them. For instance, are you willing to do shift work? Do you want to work in a specific area like being a delivery room nurse? These are questions you need to have answers for when applying as a nurse at a hospital.

After you have gone through the above 5 self-assessment questions and get your answers, you will have a better idea on what you want and what to look for when searching for your first nursing job.

Locating Open Positions

When trying to locate a nursing job at a hospital, there are avenues open to you for helping get you matched up with any openings. For example, you can go through a professional organization if you have a membership in one of the ones for the nursing field. Plus, you can go onto the websites of local hospitals and check to see if there are any appropriate job openings for new nurses.В  You could also do some networking with any friends who work at the hospital who could ask about openings in your behalf.

You should consider all kinds of hospitals, including those that may be private or specialized such as a Veterans Hospital or a Children’s Hospital. Each of these may have their own special hiring process or website.

The bottom line is that as a newly graduated nurse, there are still plenty of openings since nurses are in great demand at hospitals and many other locations. If you have the skills, training and qualifications and licensing to make you eligible to work as a nurse, then you are off to a rewarding and valuable career in the health care industry.

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