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Top 5 Hospitals in America – Compare Hospitals

The healthcare field in America is constantly changing with the passage of time, new technologies, financial challenges and medical advancement. It has become very difficult for hospitals’ organizations to stay ahead of the curve because every hospitals management is thinking to stay at top. The list of top 5 hospitals is being explained to compare hospitals in America.To comparehospitals in America is aimed to give you the hospital which is best for you. The hospitals are rated by medical professionals’ attitude and the patients’ satisfaction depending upon mortality rates, facilities, patient care and patient safety. These points make it easyto comparehospitals not only in America but all over the world. The hospitals which have cardiology and cancer department are at the top of the list of best hospitals as these are top-notch when it comes to healthcare. If you are going to find a hospital for your relatives or loved ones who are ill, then try to consider any one of the following 5 hospitals.

University of Pennsylvania Hospital В is at the top of the rankings. It was founded in 1874 in Philadelphia and is also known as City of Brotherly Love. The best point about this hospital is that it has its own fantastic helicopter fleet called PennSTAR. The helicopters help to bring patients from emergency cases into the hospitals without any hurdle of traffic on the road. Moreover, it reaches before time in the hospitals. Secondly, John Hopkins Hospitals is located in Baltimore, Maryland. This hospital has specialist in child psychiatry, urology, cardiac surgery, pediatrics and neurosurgery. It remained at top in ranking which is the best proof of its hard-working healthcare professionals. If you compare both these hospitals, the second one is the best because of its highly recommended departments.

Thirdly, Massachusetts General Hospital opened its eyes in 1811 in Boston. The adjacent Harvard Medical School is the best feature of this hospital. The first priority of MGH is the patient care. It has over 905 beds and serves over 45000 patients every year. Fourthly, NYU Medical Center in New York City is the home of all the top hospitals of America. The hospital got its popularity for having highly professional and qualified staff of physicians. John Revere is the one of the most popular worker of the NYU Medical Center.

Fifthly, New Haven Hospital is adjacent to Yale University Hospital. This hospital has specifications in cancer, endocrine disorders, diabetes, ear, digestive disorders, gynecology, geriatric care and hearth surgery. The comparison of the features of these hospitals show that all these 5 hospitals are at top but the best of them is the John Hopkins Hospital. This hospital had been at top for long time.

It is important to note that accessibility of the medical services in time is more important than ranking of the hospital. In emergency situations where treatment must be provided in a matter of minutes a delay of few seconds can be very fatal and lead to a number of causalities.

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